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Whom do you choose to build your custom home, likely the most valuable personal asset you'll own in your lifetime?

UNA Design and Build combines the talents and experience of two master builders passionately committed to the projects they undertake. Meet Frank Bomher and Steve Mulkerrins :




Frank Bohmer, financier, realtor, developer


Phone: 630.854.6172

Fax: 630.323.7456

Email: [email protected]


Financier and developer of some of Chicago’s most beautiful homes, with broad experience in the real estate business since 2003, Frank, who is also a CPA, brings exceptional business skills to UNA Design and Build. He will ensure that the finest materials and workmanship are hallmarks of your new home, while keeping your project on schedule and within budget.

As a Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway Realty specializing in luxury homes, Frank’s extensive knowledge of homeowner preferences will be an invaluable help in deciding what works best for you.

A former pilot, Frank resides in Clarendon Hills and enjoys family time with his six kids and four grandkids.




Steve Mulkerrins


Phone: 773.620.6869

Fax: 630.323.7456

Email: [email protected]



A native of Galway, Ireland, Steve’s thirty plus years in the homebuilding business and a consummate artisanship and attention to detail are legend in the multitude of houses and condos he’s built throughout the Chicago area.

His uncommon knowledge and professional contacts in interior and exterior construction, cabinetry and tiles works to your utmost advantage. Another plus: Steve can craft custom furniture, cabinets, grandfather clocks, and more.

Perhaps what attests most to his craftsmanship and perseverance is the Galway Hooker sailing ship he built, The Journey of St. Barbara, and sailed from Chicago to Galway, where it now resides in a museum!


Let's meet. Let's talk. You'll be amazed at where it can lead.



"…Due to the expected arrival of a new baby, number three, we started to think about upsizing our home… It was a very easy process since the home Frank Bomher and Steve Mulkerrins were planning to build fit us so well. They were very open to making some modifications even as they were building it. But for the most part, we really liked their original design… The one main comment I would make about Frank and Steve is that they care about their work and the people who buy and live in their homes. It is not something you can expect in today's world.We moved in well over a year ago and still have a relationship where we feel comfortable reaching out to ask for their help and guidance. A new home is a lot to take on, so working with people I trust has been a huge positive for my family and I. We are very happy with our new home and our relationship with Frank and Steve." – Timothy Dana


"My wife and I had decided that we wanted to move to Ravenswood, but there were very few homes available. Happily, we stumbled on to a home under construction by Frank and Steve in just the right place, and we got there at just the right time. To show us what it would look like upon completion, they took us to a couple of homes they'd already built; however, each was rather bigger and, accordingly, priced considerably higher than the one we were considering. Amazingly, EVERY time we asked how the finishes, the quality of the appliances, the details in the woodworking and the floors, the intricate tile work, the extreme and obvious care in both design and construction, would compare to OUR home, which was hundreds of thousands of dollars less, the answer was the same. And they were spot on. Our home is as beautifully appointed as the other houses we saw, with the kinds of details only a true craftsman like Steve would bother with. Some you can see – the fine trim work, the ridiculous amount of insulation they sprayed throughout the attic – and some you can't – like the double sump pumps and the French drains that will ensure our basement will NEVER be damp. They were as accommodating as you could hope for when we asked to personalize something, although, to be candid, their choices for finishing materials were so nice that, predominantly, we simply went with what they suggested. We have been in our home for six months now, and Steve and Frank have been quick to respond to anything we've brought to their attention. I have never worked with anyone that's taken such care and such pride in their work; indeed, we could not be happier with our home, and with our decision to work with UNA Design and Build." – Myra and Alan Wolper


"Steve Mulkerrins and Frank Bomher of Una Design and Build are, in our opinion, two of the top custom home builders in the Chicago land area. Steve is a master carpenter, bricklayer and electrician, whose attention to detail and workmanship is second to none. We searched for a new home in Chicago for over a year, but could never quite find the right one. In our current home by Una Design and Build, the construction was not yet finished when we walked through it during an open house in 2016. Even unfinished, we knew it was our forever home. With top of the line appliances, exquisite woodworking details and finishes; literally the most beautiful home we have ever seen. Although most of our home was already completed when we purchased it, Steve allowed me to have input with anything that was not yet finished. We have enjoyed working with Steve and Frank. We are very happy with our new Una home, and so pleased that even after 9 months, Steve still stands behind his work and checks up on us regularly." – Scott & Lynda Moresco


"The craftsmanship and forethought put into every single detail is really exceptional. Una Design & Build oversees construction of their projects at a level seldom seen anymore in this industry. Simply put, theirs are among the finest homes available in the market and delivered with a great deal of personal care and attention. A fantastic group of people to work with!" – Bridget Galvin Design.